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Paula Mason

I am a Cambridgeshire based Textile and Mixed Media Artist. My local countryside is a constant source of inspiration. I photograph man-made and natural views, shapes, textures and patterns that are forever changing with the seasons. The ‘flow of water’ often meanders through my artwork as it’s the lifeblood of my surrounding area. The way we affect our environment also leads to my fascination with the way nature tries to revitalise the artificial structures around us.                          

My main techniques often include the use of free-machining, using water soluble and natural fibres, also hand-stitching additional texture and colour details. I like to add materials such as paper and paint to alter the surfaces and vary from manipulating, folding and creasing fabric for backgrounds, to painting more two-dimensional surfaces to stitch into. By learning techniques new to me I try to add alternative dimensions to the work I do. By layering the techniques with the themes and issues we find ourselves having to deal with in our world today I create thoughtful imagery.                                                                                   


Wendy Green

Although I have dabbled in textiles since I was a teenager, it wasn’t until my children went to school that I was able to attend various textiles courses.  In 1998 I completed the City and Guilds in Patchwork and Quilting.  The design element of the course fascinated me.

In 2013 I was invited to join Fibrefusion where I have enjoyed creating textile art using both hand and machine embroidery, together with mixed media.

I completed a body of work inspired by the Caribbean coral reefs and found objects along the beaches. 

My most recent work was inspired by the traditional Japanese technique of Boro. This is the way to describe a garment or piece of fabric that has been mended by patching and hand stitching.

Anne Reynolds

I am a Textile artist living in rural South Norfolk with a background in Textiles and Dress in Education. I enjoy exploring a range of techniques and processes including forms of printing and dyeing combined with machine and hand stitch. I am a collector and repurpose materials and fibres, being fascinated by their previous use.

Textures, particularly those from the natural world are my main source of inspiration and I take interest in close up details of flora and the landscape around me. I enjoy working in a subdued colour palette with interest developing from surface textures as I layer and manipulate materials into new forms.

I am fascinated by the cycle of decay and regeneration as the seasons evolve and am currently inspired by the changes in the understory within my garden.  


Marian Harrington

I enjoy working in hand and machine stitching, in 2D or 3D.

My current work is based on the Fens which are local to where I live, which have always fascinated me.

Sandra Duff

I am a textile artist based in Suffolk.  A love of colour and texture was implanted at a very early age through being allowed to study pieces of glass in my grandfather’s stained glass studio workshop.

Whilst this was not expressed through stitching for many years, it was redundancy in 1995 that finally allowed me to take up City and Guilds in Creative Embroidery.  However, it was being part of Fibrefusion, which I joined at its inception, that set me free.

I enjoy creating both wall pieces and 3-dimensional work, though all my work tends to have a 3D element to it and usually incorporates both hand and machine stitching. 

Horticulture has been a life-long interest and much of my recent work has been inspired by tulips. In response to our up-coming exhibition, my inspiration is transitioning to the geometric patterns and tulips of Turkey.

Vicki Honeywood

Having spent many years teaching in primary and middle schools I am now enjoying a lifelong yearning to be a textile artist based in my garden studio at home in Suffolk.

My work is predominantly inspired by my overpowering love of flowers, gardens and the natural landscape.

Gardens are my sanctuary. The spontaneity, unpredictability and often simplicity of flowers uplifts my spirit and soul and their variety of shape, size and colour inspire my creativity.

My aim is to use as much recycled and re purposed material in my work as I possibly can. I enjoy remanipulating vintage items into something new and creating  my own fabrics from snippets and scraps, discarded items and leftovers. My pieces incorporate printing, dying, hand and machine embroidery.


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