Pauline Verrinder

Pauline set up Fibrefusion in 2001.  She led the group, teaching and mentoring the members for almost 20 years.  Following a prolonged battle with cancer, Pauline sadly passed away in November 2020.  She will be hugely missed by us all.  

To celebrate her enormous success as a teacher, a mentor, an artist and an author, we would like to share some tributes and memories.  The images on this page are all of Pauline’s art textile work. 

“Pauline always developed such a warm, positive atmosphere in her workshops; empowering each of us to design and create in our own unique style.  This freedom to experiment and to occasionally put our trust in ‘serendipity’ resulted in confident, original work.  She was truly inspirational.”   

“I will always remember the gigantic hug which Pauline gave me when I joined a group she was mentoring. My first step into the art world, and the following journey that led me to Fibrefusion, was affectionately enabled by the truly kind and devoted artist that was Pauline.  Working and ‘playing’ with such a warm-hearted and generous lady was, indeed, a great privilege.”

“I have had a bit of a ‘mental block’ with 3D artwork over the years. Pauline gently encouraged me with words of advice, showing numerous examples of her work, techniques and coaxed it out of me. I eventually developed one of my most challenging but exciting projects for which I will be forever grateful. I now know I can do it… “   

“I helped set up, take down and steward many Fibrefusion exhibitions with Pauline. Whilst each event threw up its own challenges, often with the exhibition space itself, we saw it through and always had a great time.  With regard to my work, Pauline unlocked and drew out my creativity. She inspired me in so many ways.”



“Pauline was the warmest, most generous of tutors and was held in great esteem by those who had the privilege of working with her.”  

“Pauline was a wonderful friend – kind, thoughtful, generous, patient and an exceptionally talented lady.  She was such a special person and is missed so much.”   

Pauline was the most exceptional lady not only because of her skill with the needle, or because of her endless imagination of possibilities. I remember her  saying:  ‘What could this be, if this or that was done?’ Her words would get your mind racing in a new and exciting direction. 

I believe her greatest virtue was that she always put others before herself.

I will never forget her kindness, encouragement and generosity. 

She is, and will be, greatly missed.

“Pauline welcomed me into the group as a mentor and a friend. She showed me a lot of new techniques but encouraged me to develop my own style.  A warm and generous lady, who always found time to ask after you and your problems even though she had so many of her own.”